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WIP: Binary Operations talk – LED matrix proof of concept

You know what’s bad? When you scope creep your own personal projects 😛

I’ve been working on the slides and demo code for my binary operations talk. The main vanilla-js-anyone-can-explore-it-easily demo is done and play tested 🙂

As I was thinking about the code I realized that if I wanted to make this multi-player across the web I’d need to move the game state management up to a server and cut the client side javascript down to the code for accepting the game state from the websocket server and rendering it to the screen.

This way the server is the single source of truth for the game state as players send up their commands and the render should be pretty fast because it will just be binary arrays being relayed to the clients.

And then I thought “oh, if I’m just sending down binary arrays, I could send that down to a browser or something else like an LED matrix OH MY GOD I NEED TO BUILD AN LED MATRIX!!!”

So, I bought some LEDs …

no more cutting-an-led-strip-to-pixels-and-wiring-it-back-up-with-jumper-extensions for me!!

… and started roughing out a proof of concept for the matrix case.

I used this design to noodle around and think through how I’d want to make the pieces. Now that I have an idea of what I want I’m going to start from scratch and model it out.

This would be a lot of post-processing work on the CNC to fit and glue pieces together so for the first one I’m going to design it for 3D printing. If that goes well I’ll rattle out a larger CNC version so that I can go big big!

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